The future of the workplace is efficient

Unlocking the power of AI and data-driven insights at your fingertips.

Reduce the burden of performance evaluations

by cutting 80% of the time required for both managers and teams.

Maximize your employee potential.


Reduce the pain of career assessments
Help managers and teams stay focused
Retain your talents
Align strategy to execution


Capture what counts in seconds!

The Staff view - Staff log crucial career-enhancing information in real-time, without waiting until the last minute and risking forgetfulness.

Use Teams, Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram or Correlify chat for a seamless experience to log these information, and anywhere, whether on a construction site or at home.

Full manual control of the profile's content when needed.



Easily access your staff insights!

The staff's profile - Once published, managers have access and can easily align and interact with employees without hours of meetings. All intelligent insights are at their fingertips in Correlify. Managers have access to detailed information and more if they drill down.

Correlify classifies and correlates employee and organizational data (LMS, LXP, HR) to uncover the most relevant insights that align with both parties' expectations.


Enhance your team!

The team's profile - Correlify creates a comprehensive visual representation of all team insights to ensure every team member is aligned with the team's goals and vision.

Align, develop your teams and team members.


Focus on growth and development

Shift the focus of the review from solely evaluating past performance to also include discussion of future growth and development opportunities.

Maximize your employees' potential by providing them with a valuable learning experience.

Integrating your LMS will lead to personal and professional growth by providing individuals with new knowledge, skills, and perspectives. Employees who are continuously learning can bring new ideas and perspectives to your company, leading to improvements in processes and products.

Enhance your learning experience

Maximize your organization's potential

Promoting organization health creates healthy and positive work environment, effective performance management, and employee engagement leads to increased employee satisfaction, motivation and retention. Correlify increases your organization health while increasing your organization agility.